Simple and easy to choose the right place for your child
We Have The Place To Care For Your Child

It's tricky to get just the right solution in this busy working world.


I pride myself on being a fully inclusive setting and will try to make all reasonable adjustments to include any special requirements that may be needed.

I am always open to suggestions and would love to hear from children and parents about any ideas for the setting.

We Have More Options for You

I'm an Ofsted-registered childminder. With two ground floor dedicated playrooms, a large dining kitchen, a dedicated ground floor bathroom and an enclosed rear garden with outdoor equipment, I have a lot to offer your child.

I believe that children should be given the opportunity to be creative and choose their own interests and strengths, so I permanently have on offer:

• a music corner - with keyboard, guitars, percussion instruments, glockenspiel, recorders, learning basic music skills and experimenting with sound.

• arts and crafts – painting, cutting and sticking, colouring, drawing, also bigger projects such as recycled material model making, designing things like board games or posters.

• a reading corner – soft furnishings and a bookshelf full of story books as well as children's reference books, suitable for relaxing quiet time as well as extra learning.

• cooking and baking - children have access to the kitchen under my supervision to choose a recipe and cook up a storm!!

• IT and technology – I have a computer with child-friendly keyboard and mouse set up for use. I n this ever-changing age of technology I feel children should be able to use computer equipment with confidence. For safeguarding reasons I do NOT provide internet use for minded children. I will sometimes use it myself with the children while we are investigating a topic. I have just one station at the moment but hope to get more very soon.

It's tough to say exactly if we will have the perfect spot for you so get in touch to let us find out how we can try to meet your needs.

With a long history of caring for children and excellent facilities see what kaycare can do for you.